Hillary Clinton Puts Wife & Mom First & You're Still Complaining!?

Hillary Clinton TwitterHillary Clinton has joined Twitter. The former Secretary of State and one-time Senator from New York showed off her wry sense of humor with her very first tweet that pays tribute to the #tweetsfromhillary meme that went viral awhile back and a nod to the fame of both her hair and pantsuits in her bio on the social media site. The bio is largely being regarded hilarious ... by most.

Then there are the Americans horrified today that Madame Secretary is quite content to dub herself a "wife" and "mom" first and foremost ... well before her descriptor of herself as a "glass ceiling cracker" and "TBD" (that's to be determined for you Twitter virgins).


Paired with the iconic photo of Clinton tweeting, the bio reads:

Wife, mom, lawyer, women & kids advocate, FLOAR, FLOTUS, US Senator, SecState, author, dog owner, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, glass ceiling cracker, TBD...

The criticisms from the right are to be expected. What's shocking today is the backlash I've noticed from some Democrats.

I saw one complain that the bio reads like a New York Times obit, referencing, of course, the Grey Lady's recent tribute to rocket scientist Yvonne Brill that made much of her ability to make a "mean beef stroganoff" rather than her accomplishments in the scientific field.

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Another criticized her for allowing herself to be defined by her husband.

I get it. She's Hillary Clinton! She had one of the most powerful jobs in the free world, and it doesn't make top billing.

And yet, who are we to care how Hillary Clinton defines herself? Is it really wrong that she's most proud of being a wife and a mom? Isn't that what the feminist movement is about -- giving women the power to make choices in their lives, even if that choice is to embrace domestic pursuits?

We as women are more than just wives and mothers, but that hardly means that these are parts of ourselves we need to shy away from. What we need to find is a balance between these parts of our lives rather than to swing wildly to one side or the other.

We can be wives and workers both, moms and world changers.

Hillary Clinton is a wife. She is a mother. You need look no further than some of her first Twitter responses today -- both daughter Chelsea (@ChelseaClinton) and the president (@BillClinton) welcomed her to Twitter (and they're among the four people she's following at the moment).

It's thanks to all the other things she's done -- as a glass ceiling cracker, FLOTUS, SecState, and more -- that have paved the way for more women to embrace what it is about themselves they are  most proud to celebrate. Shouldn't Hillary Clinton enjoy that same right?

What do you think of her Twitter bio? Is it hilarious or do you think she needs to flip the order?


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