Senator’s Wife to Facebook Floozies: Stop Hitting on My Husband! (VIDEO)

heather mcgill shadrack mcgill facebookCheating scandals have become so commonplace that it's almost like we expect a certain brand of politician (young, good-looking, or just plain cocky) to get busted at some point for cheating with an intern (cough Big Willie Clinton style) or on his sick spouse (cough Newt Gingrich, John Edwards). How can we really bat an eyelash hearing about risque photos being sent back and forth by politicians via social media either? It seems to happen so often. But that doesn't mean one politician's wife is going to stand for it ANYMORE.

Heather McGill, wife of Alabama state senator Shadrack McGill, took to Facebook Monday night and raved out against women hitting on her husband with sexy photos and messages. Although she noted that some women "may not be real" (yes, they may be spambot sluts, ha), she's furious with those who are, writing, "NO MORE! ... It is a shame that people are so heartless that they would try to split up families."


She went on to say that if the pics and messages continue, she'll start calling these people out by name. Whoa, you go, sister! I don't blame her at all for speaking up. In fact, it's awesome that she's taken a stand!

I'm sure the lion's share of women in McGill's shoes have just brushed ridiculous come-ons like these under the rug, feeling like they're either too harmless to bother with or it's too embarrassing to draw attention to. Not to mention that they're probably concerned with coming off as overly defensive and suspicious. But that sucks, because no wife should have to contend with weeding through the copious come-ons she describes. Also, considering that this problem has spilled over from Facebook and into the McGills' home -- two strippers showed up at the family's house late one night during a previous campaign -- how could she not be frustrated?

But I don't think McGill ultimately has anything to worry about. (At least let's hope she doesn't.) Instead, it sounds like McGill was just FED UP with women thinking just because her husband is a politician, he may be interested in straying from his marriage. Little do they know, his wife heads up his social media presence, so joke's on them. 

For more, check out GMA's interview with the McGills ...


What's your take on Heather McGill's rave-out?


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