Massive Anti-Gay Marriage Protest Takes Over the 'City of Love'

Paris france anti-gay protest gay marriage protestMerde! What the heck is going on in Paris, France today? I thought this was the City of Love. Well, not today it isn't.

Tens of thousands of anti-gay protesters -- reports show numbers as high as 150,000 and 200,000 -- came out today to stand up against the new gay marriage law. Marchers of men, women and children set off from three separate points and by early evening they filled the streets of Paris. Of course, worries of violence sent out 5,000 police to try to keep things calm.

Gosh, and I thought the Europeans were so much more "evolved" than us. 


With Washington D.C. and 12 states in the U.S. now legalizing same-sex marriage, as well as 13 countries, including Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, New Zealand, and France, it was starting to feel like times were changing and minds were opening. Looks like the world still needs more time. But in Paris, really??!!

Just over 50 percent of the French people do support the new law allowing same-sex marriage and adoption; however, this latest mass rally gives a pretty big voice to those against. 

Check it out:

Do you think the tide against gay marriage will change soon?


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