Rush Limbaugh Blames Horrific Ohio Kidnapping on Welfare & Obama -- Naturally!

rush limbaughBy now, pretty much the entire country is uncomfortably, devastatingly aware of what went on in Ariel Castro's. You'd think it would be impossible to not be completely beside yourself hearing about how three women -- Amanda, Michelle, and Gina -- spent 10 years living a nightmare that the adjectives horrific and inhumane don't even begin to describe. Unless you're Rush Limbaugh, that is. Ol' Rush, it seems, doesn't believe in paying attention to the details of news stories. He just hears the general gist before drawing wide-sweeping, wacked-out, totally tone deaf conclusions ...

Like how apparently, the Ohio kidnap victims must've been part of a welfare scam, because that's what the deal was in a recent episode of Hawaii Five-O that Rush watched ... Yup. And "double welfare benefits if one of the women has a baby,” he declared, reminding listeners one of the victims had a baby. Oh, and wait wait! It's all Obama's fault, too! (Of course it is.)


Yep, Rush also believes the Castro brothers probably voted for President Obama. Because, after all, Cleveland went to the POTUS in the last election. Oh. My. Dear. Lord.

I'm having a hard time understanding how/why this sad excuse for a radio show host (and man, for that matter) still has an audience. Because this is isn't just absolutely unbelievable. It's sick and beyond STUPID. What on earth does any of this drivel he's spewing have to do with what really happened to these young women? Doesn't he -- or at least his producers and advertisers -- realize how disgusting and ignorant it sounds for him to be shooting his mouth off about something he a.) openly admits he has no idea about and b.) an extremely sensitive, developing story he has no idea about?

Seriously, how this guy maintains any shred of credibility or a mic to speak into is beyond comprehension. He's basically a parody of himself at this point. It's like he's just pullling headlines from Google News and starting a mad lib-esque rave out about 'em, inserting an anti-Obama remark here, a misogynistic snark there. I'd like to say it's a joke, but really, considering what he attempted to comment on here, it's safe to say no one's laughing.

What do you make of Rush's remarks?


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