Does Standardized Testing Hurt Our Kids? (VIDEO)

Moms Matter Google Hangout

The last two weeks have been all about standardized testing, as far as my kids are concerned.

My third grade daughter spent last week taking TCAP tests. My kindergarten son is taking the SAT-10 this week.The stakes for these tests seem much higher than they were when we were kids, and across the country parents are responding by calling for change and even opting their children out of standardized testing entirely.

A few writers from The Stir got together today in a Moms Matter Google Hangou to discuss standardized testing. One has even pulled her child from her neighborhood's public school specifically because of the focus on standardized tests. Here's the video discussion --


Want to know more about how parents are responding across the country to high stakes standardized testing?

-Carnegie Mellon University professor Kathy Newman chose to opt her child out of Pittsburgh's standardized test, the PSSA. She wrote this op-ed to explain why.

-Ilina Ewen and Pamela Grundy wrote this op-ed for their local paper in North Carolina, titling it "Our bubble-headed, zombie-creating reliance on high-stakes testing."

-Education Secretary Arne Duncan addressed the growing controversy over high-stakes testing in a speech to the American Educational Research Association this week. Here's the text of that speech.

-Some students in Chicago skipped school last week to protest high stakes testing there.

-The pressure high-stakes testing puts on teachers and administrators has led to an upswing in cases of cheating on reporting standardized testing scores.

Do a news search for "high-stakes testing" and you'll find story after story in media outlets big and small, of parents, students, council members, and school administrators complaining about the pressures and problems associated with their district's standardized tests.

Clearly, something something needs to be done.

What do you think about high-stakes testing? Is it stressing your kid out?

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