Anthony Weiner Considering Mayor Job But Can We Forgive All That Sexting Stuff?

Last time we heard from Anthony Weiner, he was sexting up a storm with dozens of women, none of whom was his pregnant wife Huma Abedin. The scandal forced Weiner to resign from his position as New York Congressman. I can honestly say I've never been so disappointed in a politician. Well, except maybe Eliot Spitzer. And Bill Clinton. I'm sure there's some I'm forgetting. That said, Weiner is now reportedly thinking of running for mayor of New York City. If not for the scandal, I can honestly say I would vote for him. But now. I don't know. Can I forgive? Can all of us forgive?


Weiner was a guy who stood for what I stood for. He was also charismatic and a fighter. He was willing to go to battle for women's reproductive choices. He seemed like he respected women. And then ... he didn't.

I don't like cheaters, liars, and sneaks. I don't like guys obsessed with the Internet. It's like they live in some kind of fantasy world. As Weiner himself said when trying to explain his behavior:

It was just another way to feed this notion that I want to be liked and admired.

Ugh, seriously? Weiner was in his mid-40s at the time he was sexting women from all over the country -- some of them single moms, some students, some as young as 21. He wasn't in high school. He was sending pics of his junk! This is behavior of someone who is (was?) immature, attention-seeking, and egocentric -- but also someone without an ounce of common sense! Is this someone I want running the city I live in?!

On the other hand, his wife forgave him. If she can do it, shouldn't I? However, she chose to marry him and have a baby with him. I didn't. I just want someone who is going to fight for what I believe in, and run the city well, and not screw it all up because he wants some kind of fantasy-world online confirmation of what a stud he is. Some people felt his sexting was a personal issue and none of our business. I totally disagree. He was being paid to represent me, not the bulge in his trousers. If anything, he should have had the sense to know this would wreck his career if it ever got out and OF COURSE it was going to get out.

Then again, human beings are often weak creatures. They're weak in some ways, strong in others. Does his sexting scandal cancel out all the good he was doing and could do in office? Questions, questions. My mind is reeling!

Luckily, I won't have to make a decision until he decides to run. And then I'll see who is running against him. But this will NOT be an easy decision, and I really wish Weiner had thought of his constituents and not just his wiener when he was getting up to his skeevy tricks. But he didn't.

The mayoral race is wide open right now and I wouldn't be surprised if Weiner wins if he runs. Most people forgive scandals like this. I'm not sure I'll be one of them though.

Could you vote for a guy like Weiner?


Image via Freedom To Marry/Flickr

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