Newtown Turns Moms Into Gun Control Activists (VIDEO)

Moms MatterThe Newtown tragedy was one of our nation's darkest days, and for moms, news reports about the shootings were especially difficult to take. After all, those children could have been our children. That school could have been our neighborhood school. Those teachers could have been our kids' teachers.

For days afterward, I walked around in a funk, crying at the slightest provocation. And as it turned out, I was far from alone. Across the country, thousands upon thousands of moms were reacting the very same way -- and today, as a result of that feeling, a nationwide organization of moms has formed that's dedicated to making sure a tragedy like Newtown never happens again.

Check out our Moms Matter video report after the jump. Then tell us in the comments if you think these moms could -- or should -- make a difference when it comes to gun control laws in America.


Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America can be found online here, and you can find out on the website if a chapter has formed in your area.

Here in Nashville, the group, which only formed a few months ago, now has more than 300 members. Local moms here have already visited legislators at the statehouse, made countless calls, sent out hundreds of emails, and held a stroller stroll to raise awareness about their organization.

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I found it really interesting that this marks the first time most of these moms have taken on an activist role. I think their inexperience is exactly what makes them so compelling -- you get the sense that they're operating well outside of their comfort zone because they care so much about their cause.

I also appreciated their willingness to have respectful, open dialogue with moms who disagree with them. Every member I talked to, some of whom own guns themselves, said that their ultimate goal was probably the same as that of every other mom: to keep our kids safe. They all felt that with that in mind, finding a common ground with other moms was totally possible. In a world where so many seem consumed by their own opinions and unwilling to listen to those of anyone else, this was refreshing.

How do you feel about this group of moms? Do you think they can make a difference? Or do you believe they're going about it the wrong way?


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