White House Pulls Perfect April Fools' Prank From Press Room (VIDEO)

white house press roomAlthough yesterday was all about fun and Easter games at the White House -- President Obama, the First Family, and 30K visitors took part in the annual Easter Egg Roll -- today, the Obama administration had an important announcement via Twitter. They tweeted out a video of "a special message from the president," framed with a shot of the lectern in the White House press room. 

Being that serious breaking news is often reported from that room, we had to wonder what was going on and click to see what was up. Turns out, it's not at all what you'd expect!

Check it out ...



HA! Love Kid President, aka Robbie Novak, who is famous for his YouTube series! How cute and perfect was it that the White House had him come do this little gag for April Fools' Day? The only thing I would have liked to see done differently would have been a bit more of a faux "announcement." Something like how we have a post-Easter egg shortage and need to start rationing our omelets? Ehh, nonetheless, still lots of fun!

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No matter how you feel about President Obama, how can you not love Robbie? Though I also love an administration that doesn't mind poking fun at itself and the stuffiness and overly-polished PR that occasionally comes with running the country!

What was your reaction to the White House's April Fools' Day joke?

Image via whitehouse/YouTube

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