Obama's Fake Mustache Fantasy Brought to Life (PHOTOS)

obama mustachePresident Obama just revealed his secret fantasy, and it's kind of disturbing. While in Israel Obama said he'd like a fake mustache! "Sometimes I have this fantasy, that I can put on a disguise, wear a fake mustache and I could wander through Tel Aviv and go to a bar and have a conversation, or go down to a university and meet with some students in a setting where it wasn't as formal." Sure, a fake mustache so Obama can go about incognito. Or is it that he's jealous of Michelle's trendy bangs and wants to look a little more hip himself?

Well, either way we're dying to see what that looks like. So we managed to get Obama to model a few 'staches for us. Well, with a little digital magic. Which one do you think suits him best?


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