Hillary-Michelle 2016 Isn't So Crazy: 6 Reasons These Moms Make a Dream Presidential Ticket

hillary clinton michelle obamaThe chatter about Hillary Clinton running for president in 2016 just won't die down. And now, the rumor has seemingly undergone an entirely new transformation: Some are saying she may land on a dream ticket with current FLOTUS Michelle Obama. Whaaaa?! Says who!?

Technically, the buzz stems from bumper stickers random people have made on CafePress and a quote from former Clinton spokeswoman Karen Finney, who told the Washington Examiner, "Both women are proven effective leaders who've raise children, so dealing with Congress would be a snap!" True, true! Seems to be more wishful thinking than something that could actually happen, but it sure would be amazing if it did! Here, six reasons why the two powerful and brilliant moms have what it takes to get 'er done in D.C. ...

  1. They're used to handling tantrums. When they don't get their way or their pork in a bill, politicians on both sides of the aisle throw hissy fits all the time. But pfft! I'm sure it's nothing either Hillary or Michelle has dealt with as moms of Chelsea, Malia, and Sasha!
  2. They know how to stop spoiled behavior in its tracks. Congressmen often take and take and take and push and push and push until they're punished -- just like kids! Moms like Michelle and Hillary know exactly how to shut this down!
  3. They wouldn't afraid to "ground" Congressmen who misbehave. Shmoozing is part of the Washington game, sure, but there are some checks and balances too. Watch the former FLOTUS use their veto power to quash ridiculous demands and cuts!
  4. They would make sure Congress did their homework ... on arts, education, the environment, and health care, etc. Speaking of cuts, any mom knows how important these and other vulnerable areas are to our country's welfare, enrichment, and growth. They'd never let these areas take a major hit.
  5. They're primo multitaskers. Sorry, dudes, but when it comes to who's more well-versed at getting a lot done in a little time, moms are the BEST.
  6. They could handle any challenge that presents itself. When's the last time you heard a mom whine, "But I caaaaan't"? That's what I thought. Faced with any challenge, supermoms Hill and Michelle would figure it out

Would you love to see a Michelle-Hillary dream ticket in 2016? What are some other reasons you think moms like them would be the best at running the free world?


Image via Alex Wong/Getty

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