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10 Awesome Quotes About Being a Woman You’ll Want to Share RIGHT NOW

girl powerLadies, has there ever been a better time to be a woman? It's Women's History Month, y'all!

It also happens to be exactly 100 years since our foremothers threw on their fancy dresses and marched up Pennsylvania Avenue demanding the right to vote. And look how far we've come! Now we have the right to wear yoga pants and a hoodie as we march into the voting booth to pick the president.

Not the progress you were looking for? How's this: women now have a larger share of the high school diplomas and associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees in America.

Now that's something worth celebrating, right?

And we know just how to do it. We've gathered some girl power quotes to really get you going.

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We are women, so let's roar. Share 'em, pin 'em, take 'em to heart!

We've got two more weeks of Women's History Month, so let's make 'em count!

Which quote is your favorite?


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