Company Behind 'Rape' T-Shirts Should Be Banned From Amazon for Good

t-shirtsOn occasion, the Internet delivers something that makes you sit up, do a double-take, and say, "What the ...?!?!" That's exactly the reaction any human should have had upon noticing that Amazon was selling T-shirts, all spewing hateful messages of violence against women, made by the clothing company Solid Gold Bomb.

Consider the slogans: "Keep Calm and Rape a Lot" (wow, not only totally offensive, but illiterate to boot!), "Keep Calm and Hit Her," "Keep Calm and Knife Her," and "Keep Calm and Punch Her" -- all of which were emblazoned on tees that remained on Solid Gold Bomb's website as of Saturday afternoon. The company claims an automated computer dictionary was to blame for the shirts' creation in the first place. Apparently, an algorithm generated the messages with "a scripted computer process." Really now?

Thankfully, Amazon was forced to delete the shirts it had for sale. But, really, they could have done even more ...


Slogans like these are utterly, thoroughly inappropriate and VILE. Once in a while, stories like this have cropped up, and it's kinda up in the air whether or not the clothing in question should be sold. In this case, there's no question! It's not like they "might" send a bad message. They blatantly send a totally horrifying message! And Amazon may have mass appeal, but they cannot in good conscience sell anything made by this brand anymore.  

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Because, for one thing, Solid Gold Bomb doesn't seem at all willing to take full responsibility for the matter or apologize in a truly genuine way. Also, who's to say that this company couldn't have another "algorithm" slip-up that could generate even more offensive tees? Where's the quality control? If this is really true that the computer system is to blame for these disgusting tees, maybe it's a wake-up call that wearable slogans should be created and "copy-edited" by actual human beings? Helloooo!

Do you buy that computers generated these tees? Do you agree Amazon should cut all ties with Solid Gold Bomb?

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