Politician Says Disabled Kids ‘Should Be Put Down’ Because They Cost Too Much

assAs we all know, politicians say some pretty stupid things. But this has to be the stupidest thing I've heard in a while: British legislator Collin Brewer told a social worker, "Disabled children cost too much money and should be put down." Someone actually let those words come out of their mouth! Bloody hell -- as they say over there. What a horrible, cruel, bizarre thing to say.

That's about the worst thing you could possibly say about disabled kids. Congratulations, you big jerk! You found it. But surely we just took this out of context -- I mean, Brewer followed that up with "said no one in their right mind, ever!" Right? Well, I looked, and nope. He really is that big a jerk. When everyone freaked out, all he had to say was that he was trying to "provoke a response and debate the issue of service costs provision."


PROVOKE A WHAT? A response? Exactly what kind of a response was Brewer trying to provoke? Anger? Outrage? Calls for his resignation? Done! People are calling for his resignation -- and he's considering it. Meanwhile he's written an apology. Whatever! Oh people who Brewer represents, I'm so sorry this is your guy. I bet you can't wait to vote him out of office now.

I can't even imagine what he was trying to communicate with that statement. Was he riffing on English satirist Jonathan Swift and his "Modest Proposal"? (That's the 1729 essay proposing Ireland's hunger problems be solved through cannibalism, in case you didn't cover it in 12th-grade English.) Whatever point Brewer was trying to get across about health care costs and disabled children, he failed. Now all we can talk about is what an asshat he is.

What do you think about what Collin Brewer said?


Image via jpockele/Flickr

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