Yahoo's 'No Work From Home' Policy Really Riles Us Working Moms Up (VIDEO)

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has upset a lot of people over her new policy, forcing all employees back into an office. The thing is -- she isn't just saying you can't work from home anymore -- she is saying I don't trust you can adequately do your job from home. Not even one day a week from home. So get your commute back on and add a possible two to three hours to your day -- so you can have the honor of being employed by us. Or ... hit the road. Heartless? Our team at The Stir decided to talk it out. By Google Chat. Which is a great tool for remote employees ... but I guess one that Yahoo wouldn't be too keen to use. Here's what we have to say about it ...


What do you think? Couldn't she at least have afforded some flexibility? So maybe they can't work from home every day -- but accept that some of her employees might be able to be effective from home once or twice a week? Maybe she will allow her employees to use the nursery she built next to her office -- so they too can be close to their kids?

Can you see both sides of this or do you stand firmly on one end of this debate?


Image via Cafemom Studios/YouTube

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