Think Ashley Judd Running for Senate Is a Joke? Keep Laughing

ashley juddWell my my, hand me those smelling salts! Rumors that Ashley Judd will run for Mitch McConnell's Senate seat are looking more and more like a sure thing. She recently met with Democratic insiders in Louisville, Kentucky. She's also met with New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Democratic pollsters. She looks more serious about running every day.

The Republican response to Ashley Judd's future in politics has been a resounding L.O.L. And that's just fine with me! Think the idea of this "radical" "Hollywood liberal" running for office in a red state where she doesn't live is hilarious? Keep laughing, Republicans. You keep laughing.


I think Ashley Judd would make an exciting candidate. She has just the fresh voice and perspective we need in the Senate. She's full of passion and energy. And let's face it, she's got loads of friends with loads of money. That's been bad for a political candidate exactly zero times. Yes, she campaigned for Obama. He won. And your point is ...?

Fine, supposedly Obama isn't popular in red states. But these red states and blue states aren't as uniformly polarized as we'd like to think. You know what? Never mind. Let's keep pretending Kentucky is 100 percent anti-Obama. Yeah, run with that one. We'll just pretend Kentucky doesn't get $1.35 in federal funds for every dollar it pays in taxes. So not a welfare state!

Ashley wouldn't be the first actor to make the leap into politics. We've seen Sonny Bono, Al Franken, and what's his name ... oh yes, RONALD REAGAN. The Hollywood insider who became a hugely popular two-term president. Is it a little sexist and hypocritical to underestimate Ashley Judd's political future? Sure -- but don't let that stop you, Republicans. I think we've seen how well that old-fashioned sexism has been working out for you lately, especially in the south (cough, Todd-legitimate-rape-Akin, cough).

Should I mention Judd's Masters in Public Administration degree from Harvard? Nah, I know you hate that ee-leet bullshit when it pertains to liberals.

As for Ashley Judd running in Kentucky when she's called Tennessee "home" -- she was raised in Kentucky. She has a stake in her home state. And anyhow, let's not pretend we're all new to this idea of political candidates having homes in various states. Where exactly did Mitt Romney call "home"? Oh yeah. No one cares.

Anyway, we'll see how this all pans out. I want a front seat, and I'm popping some popcorn. This is going to be one fun race.

Do you think Ashley Judd stands much of a chance for getting elected in Kentucky?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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