Politician Who Tweeted 'Flirty' Messages to College Girl Had a Much Better Excuse Than Anthony Weiner

We've had a lot of politician sex scandals over the years -- so it's no wonder that when Congressman Steve Cohen was caught tweeting -- and then deleting -- a series of sexyish tweets to a beautiful, blonde college student, tongues began wagging. It all started when the 56-year-old unmarried pol from Tennessee began tweeting the 24-year-old pretty blonde during the State of the Union address.


The Texas University student, Victoria Brink, tweeted to Rep. Cohen that she'd just seen him on TV, to which he replied: "Pleased u r watching. ilu," which is shorthand for "I love you."

But a few minutes later, he deleted it.

Then a few days later, he tweeted:

Nice to know you were watchin SOTU. Happy Valentines beautiful girl. Ilu.

But again, he seemed to think better of it and deleted that one too. However, he wasn't done yet. Later, he tweeted:

miss you/will call u later. give me a good time on Mississippi River ... love you.

People went crazy calling him the next Anthony Weiner. "Yep  -- Another creepy congressman who doesn't undertand how to DM [direct message]," tweeted one disapproving watcher. His staff didn't make it any better -- at first explaining that the young lady was a friend of the family. Ahem.

I get the feeling Cohen wanted everyone to think he was schtupping the hot co-ed. Because why else would he send these messages publicly via Twitter if he didn't want everyone to know about them?

But the jig was soon up as Cohen admitted that the messages to the sexy blonde weren't quite what they seemed. Because she's his daughter! After his tweets set off a firestorm, Cohen finally fessed up the truth.

Whoops! That left a lot of people who'd made accusations backpeddaling and offering apologies.

Apparently Cohen only learned about the existence of a daughter three years ago. And none of his staff knew about her either. How did he think those tweets would go unnoticed? Maybe he's really naive about Twitter -- or he wanted to have a little fun with everyone.

Cohen reportedly has a long-term girlfriend. Nor is he dating his daughter.

Have you ever had an online mix-up?


Image via NeitherFanBoy/Flickr

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