Ashley Judd Mocked Openly About Her Senate Dreams

Ashley Judd once again finds herself the center of mockery from Republicans. She just makes it so easy sometimes. The starlet is currently considering a run for Senate in Kentucky next year to unseat current Minority Leader Mitch McConnell -- even though she currently lives in Tennessee.

Although the actress was raised in Kentucky, it’s unlikely that her self-proclaimed radically leftist political leanings offer even the slightest bit of electability in the solidly red state. Cue the GOP super PAC Crossroads, who put out an ad Wednesday poking fun at her Senate dreams.


The video makes ample use of Judd’s own words, including her declaration that she’s “committed to President Obama and Vice President Biden,” while the voiceover comments that Kentucky needs an independent voice.

She’s also caught on camera saying that she considers Tennessee home, that she is “aggressively and delightfully radical,” and that she would follow Obama anywhere. And Obamacare is, like, totally awesome. “It’s done so much for us right here in Tennessee.” You know, because she considers Tennessee home. But wants to run in Kentucky. Details, details ...

The ad continues, using the words of Judd’s grandmother to point out how wildly inappropriate a choice she is for Kentucky: “She’s a Hollywood liberal.” Yeah, perfect choice for a red state in the Bible belt. Or something.

Do you think Ashley Judd has a shot at the Senate, or is she kidding herself?

Image via Genevieve719/Flickr

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