John Kerry Asks if a Man Can Actually Run the State Department (VIDEO)

John kerryNew Secretary of State John Kerry's first day on the job was yesterday, and he's already making headlines ... for giving credit where credit's due. The former presidential candidate and Senator is apparently well aware that he's walking into a position held over the past eight years by brilliant, beloved, and bold civil servants, who, you know, also happened to be womenCondoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton. And he wasted no time acknowledging that. 

Meeting with a crowd of Foreign Service Officers and staff, Secretary Kerry (oh, that's kinda fun ...) said, "Here's the big question before the country and the world and the State Department after the last eight years: Can a man actually run the State Department? As the saying goes, 'I have big heels to fill'." Haa, cute!


He then went on to get more serious and say:

I guarantee you I’ll do everything I can to live up to the high standards that Secretary Clinton and her team put in place.

Whew! Awesome. Not only did he give props to Hill, but he acknowledged Condi is a tough act to follow! And I dunno about you, but I feel pretty reassured. I mean, you never know with these guys ... Especially one who has run for POTUS in the past. Maybe they're just on a power trip! But that's not how John Kerry is coming off at all. I'm hoping a man who can acknowledge he has "big heels to fill" is a guy who has not just the diplomacy, but the humility and smarts to run the State Department right. Looks like we're in capable -- if slightly dorkier, definitely not as totally cool -- hands for the next four years.

Check out the video of Kerry's first day speech ...

How do you feel about the nod John Kerry gave Hillary and Condi?

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