What Would the Founding Fathers Think About AK-47s?

AK-47Moms are buzzing today about an opinion piece on gun control that was posted on the Scary Mommy website.

In it, blogger Kiran writes:

[Our Founding Fathers] never imagined gang wars. They never saw the technology that could create guns that could kill so many people so quickly. They never saw an AK-47 blow someone’s head off. They never imagined the number of civilian deaths that would take place and grow each year on American soil.

I will tell you one thing. They never imagined Columbine. They never imagined Newtown.

We posted a link to the piece it on our Moms Matter Facebook page and got lots of impassioned responses. Check out a few of them after the jump, and leave your own thoughts in the comments.


Kiran makes the point that she believes gun owners should have to be registered just as drivers are registered and licensed in our country. She says that the argument that criminals won't register for guns anyway is no more valid than the argument that no one should have to have a license to drive because criminals won't get driver's licenses.

Our Facebook readers' reactions to Kiran's post were across the board. Here are just a few:

Does she really believe that our founding fathers never saw brutal murder and didn't know history? Mass murder and evil is nothing new. The Founders didn't know we'd need the First Amendment for TV, music, pornography, email, computers, but they sure got that right. --Jessica

I personally don't like guns, but don't mind if other sane people want to have their guns for protection and hunting. BUT I don't think anyone needs a gun that hold so many bullets. --Karen

You cannot punish the innocent for other's reckless behavior. That's like taking my car away because my neighbor drives drunk in hers. Useless & stupid. Mental illness needs to be addressed more & laws re that need to change. --Theresa

No one said take away the guns. I don't understand why all these people that hate liberals think that. All we're saying is let's up the enforcement of our current laws if you want to go to a gun show and buy off the rack get a license for it! --Amy

It's a lot to think about, that's for sure, and now that violent school shootings are part of our reality, moms are as bothered about this issue as anyone out there.

What do you think about Kiran's post? Do you agree or disagree with her opinion?


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