Super PACs for Hillary May Mean She'll Run for President Again in 2016 (VIDEO)

hillary clintonLast month, when Hillary Clinton suffered unfortunate health setbacks, it was obvious the buzz would start from both sides of the aisle ... Was this a sign she wouldn't be in fighting form to shoot for a second bid for the presidency come 2016? Was this a sign her political career was on the brink of OVER? Geeze, liberals hoped not! Gosh, conservatives hoped so!

Well, now, it's looking like the former have more reason to be whooping and cheering, because already two super PACs have been launched anticipating her campaign. The first group, HillaryClintonSuperPAC, was formed by Iowa resident Nigel Wallace. And "Ready for Hillary" filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission on Friday. It's described as "a small coalition of supporters of Clinton and President Barack Obama, ready and waiting to aid Clinton in a future campaign." Awwwesome! What's more, Hil herself isn't completely denying a run ...


When NBC's Andrea Mitchell asked her about the blood clot and concussion and whether it might be a concern affecting her decision, the Secretary of State replied:  

Well, it doesn’t factor in at all. I mean, you know that, I have no doubt that I am healthy enough and my stamina is great enough, and I’ll be fully recovered enough to do whatever I choose to do.

YEAH! You go, Hil! It's kind of ridiculous how worked up some people have gotten about how this or that or something from 20 years ago could prevent her from running, but when it boils down to it, you know Hillary is going to go for it if she feels driven to.

Being that she did go on to say, "I don't have any decision made. I have no real plans to make such decisions," I believe it's possible she has yet to make up her mind yet. But let's not be surprised if she does go for it ... And no doubt, for many of us on the left, in the middle, and who don't necessarily identify with one side or the other but just happen to find Clinton an inspiring potential Chief Executive, watching that transpire will be incredibly exciting.

Check out her response here ...

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