Michelle Obama’s Eye Roll Decoded: What Lip Readers Say Inspired Her Epic Reaction (VIDEO)

michelle obama eye rollAt the Inauguration luncheon on Monday, Michelle Obama's eye roll directed toward Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner was the ocular expression heard 'round the world, and today, there's new insight as to what exactly might have inspired the First Lady's reaction. The journalistic geniuses over at Inside Edition hired a lip reader to decode the whole situation, and you won't believe what he uncovered. Supposedly, FLOTUS rolled her eyes because Boehner had made a joke about President Obama's smoking habit.


According to lip reader Larry Wenig, Boehner, a known chain-smoker, was asking President Obama if he had a chance to have a cigarette before the lunch, then gave Michelle a friendly poke and said, "Somebody won't let you do it."

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The president reportedly gave up smoking over two years ago, but some point out that his gum chewing during the Inaugural Parade may have been an effort to curb a still pestering nicotine habit.

Cancer-stick addiction aside, it's been a rough couple of months for Boehner and Obama. They've famously disagreed with one another on how to handle the fiscal cliff and even resorted to childish name calling during the seemingly never-ending stalemate. To say they were at odds is an understatement.

But, nothing like a good old bond over America's tobacco products to really push water under the bridge. The camaraderie that smokers share has been played out in pop culture for decades -- is it finally playing out in the White House?

Although Obama's been allegedly smoke-free for a couple years now, maybe a cigarette with Boehner is just what this country needs. A little amity between enemies at the beginning of the new term never hurt anyone.

Boehner's representatives are saying that the lip reading is "not true," and so far, no one else has decided to comment.


Believe this lip reading business?

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