Bill Clinton Crashes Golden Globes & Makes Tina & Amy Get All Swoony ... for Hillary! (VIDEOS)

bill clinton golden globesOf all the many memorable moments during last night's 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards, there was one that definitely stands out as something we'll all be talking about for years to come: When the one, the only, the VIP of the night walked on stage ... Yes, I'm talkin' bout BIG DOG himself, Bill Clinton! Guess it wasn't enough for him to steal the show at the Democratic National Convention. He had to show up and steal the show at the kick-off for awards season -- by introducing a clip of Steven Spielberg's "brilliant ... extraordinary" film about the 16th president, Lincoln

And seriously, the reaction in that star-spangled audience was AMAAAZING. All of Hollywood's A-listers were clearly surprised, and they were showering ol' Bill with nothin' but love. But there were two stars who seemed more impressed by someone who wasn't even there last night ...


Hillary Clinton! Globes hosts Tina Fey and Amy Poehler -- who you might recall has impersonated the Secretary of State on SNL -- was actually more bowled over by the fact that Bill's "Hillary Clinton's husband!" and Tina Fey gushed, "That was Bill Rodham Clinton!" HA, looove it!

Might have been my fave moment of the entire evening, really. Because as beloved as Bill is, his wife is even more. And as much as he adores the spotlight -- and oh, we know he does! -- I'm sure he didn't mind Tina and Amy's hilarious reaction one bit. After all, he and President Obama love to joke around that their wives are far more beloved than they are. That's what I call (First) Lady power! Rawr!

Check out the clip of his speech ...


And here's Tina and Amy's reaction in full ...


How great was this?! What was your reaction to Bill's appearance?


Image via via NBC

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