Is the Obama Campaign Exploiting the Sandy Hook Tragedy?

It’s been over a month since Barack Obama won reelection, but for some reason chief campaign advisor David Axelrod is still sending me emails. One of the latest emails asked me to click on a link to view the President’s moving speech from Sunday night in the town of Newtown, the site of last week’s school shooting massacre.

Axelrod stated:

“As we reflect on the lives lost last week, we must also, as the President urged, consider how each of us can play a part in making our country worthy of the memory of those little children.”

When you click on either of the two links in the email, it takes you to, where you can click the “donate” button and donate $15-$1,000 … to the Obama-Biden campaign.


I really hope that this is just gross negligence and not exploitation of a terrible tragedy. It’s fairly typical for campaigns to continue to raise money after an election, especially when they have debt to pay -- but Obama won with almost $15 million on hand to spare. Why do they even still have that button? Someone should take that down ASAP and hope that no sweet little old lady donated part of her Social Security check there to “help the victims.”

Speaking of helping the victims, maybe instead of linking to his campaign donate page in a campaign email, the President could ask Americans to donate to the community to build a new school so the kids won’t have to go back to Sandy Hook Elementary. Or how about a memorial fund for the victims’ families? Come on, Mr. President; put those community-organizing skills to work!

The citizens of Newtown have barely even had time to begin the grieving process, what with news cameras in their faces, over two dozen funerals for the slain, and probably a bajillion unanswered questions about where to go from here. They don’t need a president capitalizing -- intentionally or not -- on their tragedy.

I hope that President Obama takes any and all money coming in from this email (it’s entirely track-able), and donates it to help the victims. His campaign doesn't need it any more anyway.

What do you think: Was this intentional exploitation or a simple oversight?

Image via Official U.S. Navy Imagery/Flickr

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