Is Santa Claus a Democrat or Republican? The Answer Is a No-Brainer!

santa from behindWhen we look back on 2012, there's no doubt we'll talk about it being an election year. But the presidential battle aside, it was a year jam-packed with intense political battles. So it's no wonder that even though the general election was decided over a month ago, somehow partisan politics have bled into the holiday season. Yup, there's actual speculation on what side of the aisle Santa Claus himself falls on. 

So, does Jolly Ol' Saint Nick identify as a Democrat or a Republican? Public Policy Polling recently asked voters, and the result actually makes a lot of sense ...


According to 44 percent of American voters, Santa Claus is a Democrat. Meanwhile, 28 percent say he's a Republican, and another 28 percent aren't sure. But clearly the majority knows what's up. Santa's obviously a Dem, because he ... 

  1. ... made his life's work about "spreading the wealth." Every year, the guy levels the class warfare battlefield by caring for every boy and girl -- no matter where they live or what tax bracket they're in.
  2. ... believes a Tea Party is one that involves a brand new tea set made by his elves.
  3. ... aims to deliver presents to 100 percent of the people. Not just 47.
  4. ... is as old as time. Thus, he must value the elderly and would give them Medicare if that's all they wanted for Christmas.
  5. ... would very, very rarely say no (unless you've been very naughty). Unlike Republicans who only know how to say no, no matter how naughty or nice President Obama has been.

What would you say Santa's political affiliation is?

Image via Dennis Yang/Flickr

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