The 'War on Christmas' Is Just Like Santa Claus ... It Doesn't Exist!

yule log burningThe yule log, which gets its very own channel!Have you heard? There's a devastating war going on right now. Santa, Rudolph, Nativity scenes, Christmas trees, and more are all under siege in the WAR ON CHRISTMAS! There's no end in sight to the attacks coming from the enemy, AKA atheists and other Grinchy groups (who have minimal to no influence on American culture). Or at least, that's the conclusion you might draw if you've tuned into Fox News lately.

It seems like, as a rule, Fox loooooves to cry wolf. Any chance they get. Especially around the holiday season ... finding any and every opportunity to report on the big bad War on Christmas. Which, according to Jon Stewart -- shhhh, cover far right-wingers' ears! -- doesn't EXIST! OMG!


In one of his recent rants, The Daily Show host dug into Fox News host Gretchen Carlson, who asked on air whether she was "nuts" to think the war was real. His response: "Yes, you're f--king nuts!" His rationale being that while Fox is out there scouring the wires for any little story depicting the slightest anti-Christmas sentiment, "the rest of us can't swing a dead elf without knocking over an inflatable snow globe or a giant blinking candy cane." Bhahahaha, PRICELESS.

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Then he went on to point out what one might want to consider before declaring that there's a War on Christmas ... Like the fact that entire store devoted to the holiday, Christmas Tree Shops, is open year-round. Or that there's an entire channel devoted to a YULE LOG. Or that there are radio stations that play nothing but Christmas carols -- beginning well before Thanksgiving!

Speaking of that, if we're gonna talk about a war, let's talk about the war Christmas has declared on the last three months of the year! Perhaps also the first month of any new year, being that there are plenty of schlubs who refuse to even take down their decorations until it's practically Valentine's. And I'm not just talking about the holiday's ability to overshadow other religions' Winter Solstice time celebrations or often blur the lines between church and state. It took over Thanksgiving this year, turning Black Friday into Black Thursday. As Stewart put it, "Christmas is so big now, it's eating other holidays. Watch your ass, Halloween, you're next!" The sad part is that I've already seen Christmas displays going up in department stores before Halloween.

So, War on Christmas? Give me a break! But maybe the more Fox reports on a fight that's clearly fiction, the more people will start to tune into other stations for the real news of the day.

In the meantime, here's Stewart's whole hilarious rant on the topic ...


Do you believe there's a "War on Christmas"?


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