Man’s Mitt Romney Face Tattoo Being Removed Because Romney's a 'Sore Loser' (PHOTO)

eric hartsfordRemember that time that guy got a "Romney/Ryan" tattoo on his face before the election was over? That was cool. Well, probably not to him. Actually, definitely not to him, because now he's decided that he's going to get it removed. Not because he feels silly walking around with a weird, blue and red double R symbol that has no meaning whatsoever anymore on his face. Because Mitt Romney's a sore loser.


A few weeks ago, Eric Hartsford said that he had no regrets about his decision to get the Romney/Ryan symbol permanently emblazoned on his face. But then when Mitt Romney said that the reason Obama won the election, and not him, was because Obama gave "gifts" to minorities, things changed. Apparently, Mitt was no longer in Hartsford's good graces, because you see, only a baby would concoct some silly excuse like that. So, he's taken Will Kirby, who has appeared on shows like Dr. 90210, up on his offer to remove the tattoo free of charge -- even though the painful process could take up to a year. According to Hartsford, the tattoo now "stands not only for a losing campaign but for a sore loser."

Well, you gotta hand it to Hartsford. He's nothing if not an unbiased, die-hard fan of politics. I mean, to turn on your candidate after rude comments? That takes scruples, I tell ya.

I'm sure that there's no way whatsoever that the real reason Hartsford is having the tat removed is because he has a Mitt Romney tattoo on face! That doesn't seem like his style. He's a dude with conviction. He's a dude who said: "After it's off, I'll put the space back up for sale, but I might be a little bit more choosy about political tattooing. But things can change, you know?"

What do you think of this? Would you ever get a political tattoo?

Image via Eric Hartsford/Facebook

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