Bill Clinton’s Mistress’ Reality Show Better Have Hillary on as a Guest Star (VIDEO)

gennifer flowersDo you guys know why Bill Clinton was elected president? It's because he slept with Gennifer Flowers. That's what the former Clinton mistress is claiming, anyway. After holding a press conference in 1992 to let the world know that she and Slick Willy were having 12-year-long affair, Gennifer eventually earned $500,000 by publicizing the alleged relationship by posing for Penthouse and selling stories to Star magazine. Now, 20 years later, Gennifer is still trying to cash in on Clinton's name.


She recently went on some G-list talk show and explained that it was her press conference that made Bill Clinton an overnight sensation, which eventually led to his presidency. Oh, and she claims he totally tried to rekindle their romance in 2005 and even offered to jog to her house wearing a hoodie. Hot.

One question -- will there be reenactments in her upcoming reality show? Because I'd be interested in seeing Clinton in a hoodie.

What reality show, you ask?

Oh, yes, Gennifer's spilling all these new Clinton details now because she's hoping to get back in the public eye with a reality show based on the Real Housewives. Evidently, her 1995 memoir Gennifer Flowers: Passion and Betrayal and the 2008 auction of the recorded tapes of her conversations with Clinton did not satiate her need for the spotlight.

Listen -- if Gennifer wants to go this route, this infinitely tacky route, then so be it. All I ask is that her reality show is based less on the Housewives and more on Celebrity Cage Match and stars Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, and yeah, Hillary Rodham. Bill could referee. In a hoodie, of course.

Can you believe Gennifer Flowers is back??


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