Nude Protesters Storm John Boehner's Office & We're All Arrested

nude protesterI can't tell you how much glee this story gives me. Today seven nude activists stormed the John Boehner's office to protest potential cuts to AIDS programs. The Act Up protesters painted red ribbons and "AIDS cuts kill" on their bodies. According to reports, they chanted, "Boehner, Boehner, don't be a dick, budget cuts will make us sick."

This photo tweeted by Talking Points Memo reporter Sahil Kapur is the tamest one I could find. Click on those links carefully -- NSFW photos!

Police threatened to arrest the protesters until they finally put their clothes back on. I guess they could have just politely protested in jeans and t-shirts, but would we have noticed or cared? Not a chance. This was a kooky thing to do, but it definitely got attention.


Something really clever they did was to stand, arms linked, in a line. But they were facing different directions, so wherever you were in the room, you got an eyeful of nekkid. Only the three women were arrested -- "for lewd and indecent acts." Apparently they were mingling, still naked, with the crowds outside the office while the four men had left. That's what we ladies get for always wanting to socialize. 

Anyway, the fuss is over $1.2 billion in cuts that may be on the table in the talks over avoiding the fiscal cliff. And no, I don't think they were seriously hoping to change Boehner's mind specifically (although I can't help wondering if he didn't find it all just a little bit exciting). I think they picked his office to be cheeky and provocative -- and because he's one of the two most important people in these conversations. And, well, you're just not going to get away with streaking through the President's office.

Last week there were nude activists protesting their right to go nude in San Francisco and I rolled my eyes. But this is different -- this is literally a matter of life and death. And in all seriousness (if I can stop giggling here for a moment), I think this is a cause worth taking your clothes off for.

What do you think of the nude protesters in Speaker Boehner's office?


Image via Sahil Kapur/Twitter

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