Jill Kelley Loses Her 'Job' in Petraeus Scandal Fallout -- Boo Hoo

Hey, the David Petraeus scandal, 'memba that? I know. SO two weeks ago. But now here comes the fallout part, so don't go to sleep on it yet, people! General Petraeus was the first one to lose his job -- he voluntarily resigned after revealing his affair with his biographer, she-who-likes-to-send-meanie-emails, Paula Broadwell. The second one to get canned is Jill Kelley, the brunette bombsell scandalite socialite who was an "honorary consul to South Korea" -- which is short-hand for a pretty girl who hung around the powerful types, threw parties, and made sure everyone was "taken care of" (not in that way, you guyyyyys). So why did Kelley, who didn't threaten anyone like Broadwell did and who didn't have an affair with anyone (that we know of), get the heave-ho?


Kelley had one of those unofficial government positions that don't really mean much -- she was paid a mere $2,500 a year -- and it usually involved schmoozing and entertaining the higher-ups. My grandfather had a similar job. He was known as an "attaché" for the Portuguese Embassy. Honestly, I could never quite figure out what he did. Ask him and he couldn't tell you. But he went to parties. Oh, how he went to parties.

Kelley actually has two of these "jobs." She works as an "unpaid social liaison" (party thrower) at the MacDill Air Force Base. And then she became friends with the South Korean ambassador and somehow schmoozed her way into being named "honorary consul." She got a fancy license plate and everything.

The problem is that Kelley began to take her a job a bit too seriously. She told the journalists camped out her door that she had "diplomatic protection" (not true) and reportedly she tried to peddle her influence and get involved in deals in exchange for access to Petraeus.

None of this would have even been noticed if Kelley hadn't sicced one of her FBI friends on Paula Broadwell, who was jealous of her and sending her threatening emails. If it's anything the government hates, it's blabby-mouthed types. As an "honorary consul," she should have known this. We'll see who's the next one to take a fall.

Do you think Jill Kelley should have lost her job?

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