Atheist 'Holiday Decorations' Really Aren't Sitting Well With Christians

nativity sceneIt's that time of year again, everyone ... the time of year when people start hating each other even more than usual, thanks to holiday decorations. A group of Christians in Santa Monica, California are in a federal court today in regards to a lawsuit they've raised against their fair city -- their fair city that wouldn't allow them to display an elaborate 14-scene nativity for the holidays.

No, Santa Monica officials don't hate baby Jesus. They're not letting any religious (or non-religious) group display "holiday" decorations or scenes. Because, to put it bluntly, they're over it.



A little background information for you: Last year in Santa Monica, people entered a lottery to determine who would get to put up holiday displays in the 21 lots in one of the city's parks. Eighteen of the 21 spaces wound up going to atheists, who put up signs that read things like, "Religions are all alike. Founded upon fables and mythologies"; Christians won two spots, and a Jewish person won one. Needless to say, all was not calm during the month of December. Despite their efforts to be nonpartisan, city officials were accused of being anti-Christian. Hence, the lawsuit.

Here's what I think: I think everybody ought to fix themselves a nice tall glass of whiskey-spiked eggnog, or Manischewitz wine, or, hell, Zima, and simmer the crap down. Every single year, it's the same thing. This religious group hates this thing; another religious group hates another. It's ridiculous. November/December used to simply be a fun time of year where we eat more than usual and had time off from work. Now it's like a g.d. election. Santa Monica held a lottery (for decorations!), and that was the outcome. That's not being anti-anything, that's politics.

I honestly forgot about the "decor wars" until I came across this story, and I'm already dreading the annoying things to come. Each year, the arguing gets a little more elaborate, a little more nasty. Pretty soon, no one is going to be allowed to put up decorations anywhere, and we're all going to have to sit in our houses with our hands folded for a time out. 

Would I enjoy seeing a giant, 14-scene Nativity while walking through a park? Yeah, that would be a no. And it would definitely be a little jarring seeing the cheerful holiday signs the atheists "decorated" with. But I certainly wouldn't wage a war against it either. I mean, aren't we all exhausted from the election?

Do you get offended by holiday decorations?

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