Petraeus Scandal Is Giving Irresistible Women Like Us a Bad Name

petraeusI come across a lot of loony things on the Internet, but this tidbit has to be the absurdity of the week: Televangelist Pat Robertson excusing David Petraeus for having an affair with Paula Broadwell. "The man’s off in a foreign land and he’s lonely and here’s a good-looking lady throwing herself at him. He’s a man." He's a man? HE'S A MAN?!? Really, we're blaming this on Paula for being the kind of "good-looking lady" David, as a MAN, just couldn't help being seduced by?

This just makes me positively gargle with rage, this notion that men are helpless before the wiles of women. Like men's sexual drives are SO powerful, so invincible, that even they, big strong men that they are, cannot control the mighty Anaconda that is their dong. Give me a fucking break. 


And I'll tell you why this enrages me. Because it's this line of logic that leads to women in Egypt trying to participate in the great revolution getting sexually attacked by men -- just for being there! A woman's hijab and clothing were torn off her body, exposing her bra for all the world to see, and she was blamed for not wearing enough underwear. And we all know why women have to cloak themselves in the first place. An observant Muslim woman may want to wear a veil as a sign of religious devotion, but those great body-concealing chadors are there to control women so that men don't have to control themselves when they're around women.

Have you heard about the new special blinders ultra-Orthodox men can now wear to keep them from seeing anything that might prevent them from functioning as a mature human being with a modicum of self control? Like women's bodies -- any woman's body -- are so powerful! Please, if our bodies were that powerful we would have found a way to stop all wars and put ourselves in power by now. I'm just saying. 

Yes, Paula shouldn't have participated in that affair. It was foolish of her. It was also foolish of David. They are EQUALLY responsible for their infidelity and its fallout.

I would like to go on record as calling bullshit on this limp, flimsy "he's a man" excuse. Being a MAN means taking full responsibility for the actions of all your body parts. Being a MAN means you can exercise restraint. You can treat others with respect. You can say no -- to yourself and your loud, demanding, endlessly starving sexual desire -- when the occasion calls for it. And I think it's time for certain men out there to man the hell up already.

Do you think David Petraeus could have resisted Paula Broadwell's charms?


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