Ignorant Teen's Anti-Obama Tweets Should Embarrass Her Parents More Than Her

Kristen NeelKristen Neel is moving to Australia. The 18-year-old American from Georgia was so disappointed with President Obama's reelection that she sent an embarrassing and downright illogical tweet railing against him. In it, she said:"I'm moving to Australia because their president is a Christian and actually supports what he says."

Cue the cringing Kristen, dear. Not only is the PRIME MINISTER of Australia not male, SHE'S also an atheist. So yeah. That happened. But let's not be so quick to vilify poor 18-year-old Neel. She probably comes by her incredible ignorance and laughable idiocy honestly. I would bet a lot of money that her mother and father are just as "conservative" as she is.


Brainwashed kids tend to be stupid. It's not their fault. They were just not taught to question and were taught that the world is black and white. Hence, they assume all countries have presidents and all presidents are male. Oh the dumb. It hurts.

But I digress. This is a fear for all politically involved parents. I am totally on the opposite side politically, as is my whole family and I remember as a child seeing the left VERY clearly as the "good guys" and the right VERY clearly as the "bad guys." But you know, life is not a Star Wars movie. Everything has shades of gray and sure, sometimes people on the left do idiotic things and sometimes people on the right do. If you don't teach your kids to learn and study and ask questions themselves, then you are raising idiotic sheep who can't form a coherent argument.

I wonder what Neel's reasons for being a republican are. I wonder If you don't raise your child to question, you have to be careful raising them with politics.

Candidates are really only as good as the people who vote for them. If a majority of people are like Neel elect our president, one has to assume that president will be like her and her ilk. It's not a good thing. It affects us all.

We parents have to be careful just how much we push our politics. I want my kids to share my values -- to believe a woman's body is her own, to believe in gay marriage and civil rights -- but I also want them to think for themselves and to seek out information and to think before they speak. This might mean they disagree with us, but you know, that's healthy. That means they are smart and they are thinking for themselves.

If I were Neel's parents, I would be so humiliated. Not only did she say something so incredibly off-base and stupid, she also did it publicly. Whatever they did in parenting, let's not do that.

Do you discuss politics with your kid?


Image via Fifth World Art/Flickr

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