Man Might Lose Election by One Vote -- His Wife's!

voting For Robert McDonald, a man running for city council in Kentucky, one vote made all the difference between winning and a tie forcing a run-off. And that vote? Belonged to his wife. In an insane fit of irony, the final vote tally was 669 to 669 and his wife never voted. Now the election will be up to a coin toss.

McDonald, 27, told his wife that one vote wouldn't matter after she spent the day going to school, working nights, and caring for their three children. Simply put: She was too busy. And that cost her husband the election.

This could easily be a conversation about exercising our voting rights. It's hard to imagine it all coming down to one vote, but there you go ... this is a lesson in voting, but it's also a lesson in love. Husbands need their wives' support in every way.


For Mitt Romney, not having the support of Ann would be devastating. For Barack Obama, Michelle is his rock and his reason for getting up in the morning. Obviously it's the same for female politicians. I am sure Hillary Clinton was only too happy to have Bill to come home to and discuss things. She probably needed to bounce ideas off him just as he needed to bounce ideas off of her.

That's a marriage. And it's not just true in politics, either. Husbands and wives need to support one another. Believe me, I get the overly busy thing. We are in the process of moving to the NYC area, are in transition, have two children and two full time jobs, and live apart much of the time. It's not an easy time for us.

It would be very easy to just focus only on our terrifying to-do list every day. Sometimes we do. We aren't saints. We fight a lot and ignore each other's needs a lot. But it would have taken McDonald 10 minutes to run down to the polling office and cast that vote for her husband. It's a small thing she had to do and she didn't do it.

I get it. Anyone with small children knows how hard it can be to even have the minimum amount of energy for a marriage. It's not her fault. Her husband even said it was fine. This is even MORE reason to make it a priority, though. He supported her. She should have done the same.

I am sure these two have learned their lesson, but there is something in this for everyone.

Does your marriage take a back seat to other things?


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