President Obama Cries & Shows Us Just What Kind of Man He Is (VIDEO)

Obama cryingOnce again proving exactly what kind of person he is, President Barack Obama broke into tears at a meeting to thank all of his young supporters. The video, which has quickly gone viral, at first glance appears to be some kind of stunt or maybe even acting. But then you watch it.

This is a president who really, really cares. The emotional part isn't merely acting -- he is clearly a bit embarrassed and wants to move on from it. He shouldn't be humiliated at all. His tears and emotion show us that this president doesn't just see people as numbers and votes (like his once-opponent). He wanted this job because he wants to make life better for everyone.

Of course, haters gonna hate. But this election taught us all one big lesson: There is more love in this world than hate. There is more acceptance than anger. And there is more intelligence than ignorance. It's amazing. See below:


Barack Obama is the kind of president we, as a nation, should be proud to call our own. We are so lucky to have this deeply human president. Sure, there are a lot of haters. Watch the comments section below fill with vitriol, conspiracy theories, and indignation. But we can breathe a little easier now. Those people with their hate, ignorance, and small mindedness lost. Hope and diversity won. I am so, so proud of this country and I am so, so proud of this president.

He didn't need to break into tears to convince me that he cares. His policies and actions in office do that all on their own.

Clearly he still needs to convince some people in the country since the race was semi-close (of course, most elections are lately). Some he will never be able to convince. Some will go on thinking they are in the right even when they lose and the signs are clearly pointing to the fact that this country is evolving and changing beyond hate.

They will go right on hating. But it's too bad at least a couple of them can't look at this video and understand that Obama is the kind of president who cares about them. I have known that for years.

Does this touch you?


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