Aged Obama & Romney Photos Show What 4 Years as President Can Do to a Guy

romney obamaBefore President Obama won re-election this week, he was making the rounds in the battleground states, appearing on all of the news stations doing his stump speech, and every time I saw him, I thought, "Omigosh, he's getting grayer by the minute!" No joke. Turns out, plenty of people have taken note of Obama's rapidly graying hair. And now that he'll remain in the White House for another four years, Bloomberg Business's editors are speculating his hair is only bound to get ... well, whiter!

For the cover of their magazine, they had imaging done to show what our POTUS could very well look like in 2016. And just to be safe, they did Mitt Romney too. And hooo boy, do they look like HELL!

Check 'em out ...


Obama businessweek cover

Mitt Romney businessweek cover

At first I thought these images do seem a bit extreme. But at the same time, we've watched more than one president age rapidly before our eyes. The truth of the matter is that you can visibly see the toll that the presidency takes on a person. Remember what Bill Clinton looked like in 2000 after his eight years -- the last several filled with Monica Lewinsky-Linda Tripp-Ken Starr scandal galore?! Those bags under his eyes were deeper than the Grand Canyon. (Yeah, either he has adopted a serious cucumber regimen or he's gotten plastic surgery to remedy that. And I don't blame him!)

Only time will tell whether or not Obama really shapes up to look like the exhausted grandpa staring at us in the above mag cover. But either way, he's bound to get grayer and grayer. Because he's bound to face difficult challenge after difficult challenge (just hopefully not the same ones over and over again, like dealing with non-stop obstruction from the Party of No).

The good news is that he can handle it. (Perhaps much better Mitt would have, given how Ann said she'd be concerned for her husband's "mental well-being"?) The bad news is that even when we see the very real physical effects of four years with the high-stress gig, I'm not sure we really understand that the president is still a human being. Just one who happens to hold one of the most stressful jobs in the WORLD. And for that, he definitely deserves a bit of compassion.

What do you think about these magazine covers?

Images via Mark Wilson/Getty & Justin Metz/Businessweek

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