Our Country Is Changing, But Will Republicans Change Too?

obama family 2012 election nightThe president has been re-elected, Governor Romney gave a gracious concession speech, and Republicans across the country persist in leaping to the worst of conclusions and losing their ever-loving minds.


This morning, I told my kids the election results and reminded them to be gracious and kind. They know that I have my reasons for supporting the president, and those who voted for Governor Romney have their reasons as well.

But when adults are literally weeping for the future and high school and college students still living on their parents' dime are lamenting the (false) prospect of paying for "lazy" people's health care, you know the hyperbole has reached epic heights. Even before reading Donald Trump's string of drunk-tweets.

It's hyperbole because President Obama is a moderate Republican of the old-school variety.

If the current breed of Republicans could cease wailing and leaping to the wildest of all possible conclusions for long enough to look objectively at the president's policies and positions, they'd see that he's not the socialist they erroneously believe him to be.

But that's not as much fun as self-righteous outrage. We love a good rivalry in this country, don't we? Perhaps that's one of the factors driving Republicans and Democrats apart, and blinding citizens to the fact that we're the ones who lose in this manufactured fight.

Would I be disappointed if Governor Romney had won? Of course. As I said, I have my reasons for supporting the president.

But I gave my energy to the election, not its results. I left it all at the polls, to borrow a swimming metaphor (leaving it all in the pool). Even last night, watching the concession remarks, I simply felt contentment. Had it been the other way around, I would have felt disappointment, not outrage.

I do hope that Romney voters will take his words to heart, along with the president's. As GOP strategist Mike Murphy said this morning, "Our country is changing." I'd love to have everyone along for the ride, Republicans included.


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