One Wild Ride: A Moms Matter Retrospective (VIDEO)

Barack ObamaWe've now spent a year covering the election for you and it has been one wild ride!

From making Newt Gingrich cry to road tripping through the swing states and talking about issues that mattered most to moms there to partnering with HLN in our political coverage of the conventions and beyond, we haven't just covered the political headlines, we've actually helped to create them. And we did it all to make sure the moms of America had a voice in this election.

In that, I believe we were successful. But we want you to see it for yourself. Click through to see some of our favorite video moments from this past year.


If you missed out on our Moms Matter video coverage, we put together a video playlist of our favorite moments on the campaign trail. I hope you'll take a look.

But now that the election is over, we moms still have some very important work to do.

Our Moms Matter mock election last week revealed that 46% of the moms who voted chose Mitt Romney, while 44% said they'd vote for President Obama. What that said to me was that moms are just as ideologically split right now as the rest of the nation. President Obama ultimately won 50% of the popular vote, but Mitt Romney was close behind, with 48% of the vote.

Last night, I read way too many divisive and insulting comments on Facebook and Twitter, both from Democratic and Republican moms. This is so unnecessary -- and as moms, we know this fact better than anyone. So many moms I've talked to over the last year have complained that politicians don't seem interested in compromise or in working together for the good of the people. Well lately, Americans don't seem that interested in compromise either.

Now that a president has been elected, we moms can lead the way in encouraging our president and our politicians to try and find some middle ground. Compromise and cooperation are two important traits we work hard to instill in our children. Surely we can set an example by calling for these traits in our elected officials -- and by treating those whose opinions differ from our own with courtesy and respect.

It's going to take some time for nerves to settle in the wake of this election, but I'm hoping to see the political bitterness online die down soon -- and I have every reason to believe it can begin with the moms.

What do you think? Can moms lead the way in encouraging our politicians and community members to try and find some common ground for the good of the nation?


Image via Chunky Salsa/Flickr

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