‘Drunk’ Diane Sawyer Rumors Raise Some Serious Eyebrows on Election Night (VIDEOS)

diane sawyerNo matter which way you were expecting the election to go last night, you probably weren't expecting Diane Sawyer to end up causing almost more social media buzz than both candidates combined. But the ABC anchorwoman's silly, slurry coverage of the evening's events has caused quite a ... well, let's just say someone called @DrnkDianeSawyer was on Twitter before Obama was officially re-elected (a sample messagenothig to c here guys im ok d'ont worry abot me).

I'll admit I found Sawyer's rambling delivery and apparent difficulty in pronouncing the word "presidency" to be somewhat ... odd, but I don't know the woman personally. No reason to jump to conclusions, here -- maybe she was just uber-tired. Think about it: The woman probably hasn't slept in days! We all get a little punch-drunk when we're completely exhausted, right? (Oh, by the way, Diane -- it's President Obama, not President Barack. No biggie.)


Or maybe there was something more serious going on, medically-speaking. God, what if Sawyer had a stroke or something?! I mean, she's NEVER done anything like this bef -- oh, hang on. Apparently she's done some stuff like this before. Check out this video compilation from 2009:

Teeny, teeny, teeeeeny citizens! Well, at least Sawyer is a funny ... um, person.

Look, far be it from me to make a judgment call about a TV personality's on-screen behavior (choke, cough). You'll have to watch this clip below and hazard your own guess re: the reason for Sawyer's loopiness. (Which, for the record, was pretty damn entertaining. Jussayin'.)

Do you think Diane Sawyer was drunk last night?

Image via TMZ

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