President Obama Re-Elected: The People Have Spoken

Obama BallotAmerica, we've got four more years! President Barack Obama has officially been re-elected! It's time to join the chorus of Americans saying, "Thank you, Ohio." The Buckeye State has just ensured Obama's legacy!

Even with Florida and Virginia listed as "too close to call," the results out of Ohio have ensured the Obama/Biden ticket has enough votes to win the electoral college with 274 to Romney's 203. The Romney/Ryan campaign, meanwhile, couldn't even carry Massachusetts, where Romney was once governor, or Wisconsin, the state that sent Paul Ryan to Congress.

So what does four more years with Obama mean for America?


Obamacare is here to stay. Women's rights are intact. The Defense of Marriage Act isn't getting a champion. And while we're talking about all the things Mitt Romney can't inflict on America, the mysterious details of the Romney/Ryan tax plan don't matter anymore. They're a non-issue.

To borrow a phrase from Vice President (again!) Joe Biden, this is a "big f---in deal," America!

As Rachel Maddow said this evening on MSNBC, this is about a "consequential presidency, not just a consequential election."

This re-election proves Obama was not simply elected in 2008 as a reaction to frustrations over the Bush administration's reign. He was elected because he was the right man to lead this country, is STILL the right guy for the job four years on.

As the President tweeted this evening:

We're all in this together. That's how we campaigned, and that's who we are.

No matter who you voted for, we are all Americans. And our president serves us all.

Now, with this mandate from the people, President Obama can continue the policies his administration put in place over the past four years. More than that, he can improve on them. He can truly make them matter for everyday Americans. 

What did you expect was going to happen tonight? Was an Obama win something you hoped for?


Image by Jeanne Sager

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