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Polling Stations in Pictures: Election Day 2012 So Far (PHOTOS)

votingHappy election day! I cast my ballot this morning before coming into work. Usually I'll just breeze in and breeze out, but this time I stood in three different lines -- and it took a little over an hour. That's first thing in the morning, too! I'm hearing that conditions are a little more crowded and confusing than usual all over New York City.

The Stir staff who've voted so far have been sending in photos of their polling stations, and it looks like smooth sailing -- outside of New York City, anyway. Here's what election day looked like for us!

Have you voted yet? How did things go at your polling station?

Stir Staff

1Long Island, NY

Despite the power outages in the area, there were no lines or problems at this polling station in Long Island, New York.

Stir Staff

2Suburban New Jersey

No lines to vote in this suburban New Jersey polling station, either.

Stir Staff

3Maitland, Florida

Rain and lines outside a polling station in Maitland, Florida.

Stir Staff

4Upper East Side, New York City

Things are different in New York City, though. Long lines at this polling station in Manhattan.

Adriana Velez

5Brooklyn: Long lines

Long lines outside the school where I cast my vote. This is the first of three different lines you wait in. Once I'm inside the school gym, I wait in another line to pick up my paper ballot.

Adriana Velez

6NYC: How we've voted in years past

In years past I've voted in one of these big voting booths. This year things were different.

Stir Staff

7Paper ballots in New York State

Father and daughter vote together in Long Island. This year in New York State we're using paper ballots.

Adriana Velez

8Brooklyn: Privacy booth

Privacy booth where you fill in your paper ballot. Next I waited in a very long line at the scanning machines.

Adriana Velez

9Brooklyn: Scanning in my ballot

After scanning in my paper ballot, I was done!

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