2012 Presidential Election Predictions You Can Put Money On (PHOTOS)

crystalballCan you believe we're only one day away from the 2012 Presidential Elections?! Feels like we've been waiting forever, and as a wise man once said, "The waiting is the hardest part." (Tom Petty, duh.) I think that's why we pounce on any and every prediction we can find: From psychics to Peruvian shamans to squirrels, fortune tellers of every stripe have been weighing in on what the results will be, and who knows? They may be right about Obama. Or Romney. (Not both, I guess.)

But I say, who needs squirrels and shamans when you have a crystal Magic 8 ball? Nothing like a little DIY future-gazing to pass these last pre-election hours. (Especially when your kids are bored out of their minds after being out of school for a week thanks to Super Storm Sandy and in desperate need of something to do!) So we broke out the tea leaves and tossed a coin or two, and here's what the future (maybe) holds, as far as we can tell.

Images via rjrgmc28/Flickr and jamesomalley/Flickr

  • Magic 8 Ball


    We asked the magical plastic orb if Obama would win the election: "As I see it, yes!"

  • Tea Leaves


    As tradition dictates, we drank, we swirled ... we tried to figure out what shape the remaining tea leaves made. A rabbit? A turnip? According to my son, "the Queen from a chess set." Queen = Woman = Women's Issues = Obama!

  • Pendulum Swing


    Old wives' tale: Hold a pendant in the air and ask a question. If it swings in a circle, the answer is yes; back and forth, the answer is no. I took my necklace off and guess what? OBAMA!


  • Coin Toss


    Hmm. Okay, I'm not gonna lie -- Romney was tails on this coin toss. And my kids wouldn't let me stage a do-over because "that wouldn't be fair, Mom." Whatever.

  • Dog


    We don't have a squirrel, but we do have a dog ... who, unfortunately, cares not a whit for politics, as it turns out. (Bet she would've played along if she knew about Romney's preferred method of doggie transport!!)

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