If Astronauts Can Cast Ballots From Space, You Have No Excuse -- VOTE!!

Astronaut in spaceWhether you're for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, get out and vote, people. There's really nothing that should stand in between you and the polls tomorrow (unless you've already voted, and then kudos! You've done your duty as an American citizen!) -- even astronauts can do it. 

NASA can beam electronic ballots up to the American astronauts on the International Space Station so that they can vote in tomorrow's election. And if the two American astronauts floating out in orbit can find a way to vote in space, there's no good reason the rest of us can't find a way to make it to the polls, even if we have to take the kids with us. 


It's pretty cool that even NASA recognizes how important it is that every American cast their ballots, even if they're circling thousands of miles above the Earth's surface, and it underscores just how valuable the right to vote is. 

If you don't know where to go, Vote411.org can tell you where to vote and which races you'll need to weigh in on. Every seat in the House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate are also up for grabs, there are local ballot measures and, oh yeah, that presidential race. It's especially handy if your polling place has been affected by Hurricane Sandy

If you're looking to impress your fellow voters as you wait in line, try dropping some trivia from space. The first American to vote from space was astronaut David Wolf in 1997. The first space-ballot cast in a presidential election was astronaut Leroy Chiao's in 2004. I don't know who he voted for. 

But in all seriousness, wherever you come down on the issues, whatever your take on the endless polls we've been subjected to for months on end, take some time out tomorrow and make sure your ballot is cast. Take the kids and let them pull the levers or check the boxes and participate in what makes America great. 

If astronauts can vote in space, what's keeping you from the polls? 

Image via NASA

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