Obama Unites, Romney Divides: What Kind of America Do You Want?


Financial crises and climaxes ebb and flow. One president in one term will not have made our lives better or worse. The complex financial cycle does not allow us to make such broad strokes for such a short period of time. And to be clear, the President has little control over issues like gas prices and job creation. The President is our nation's visionary leader and guide who works in concert with the two other branches of government to ensure we adhere to our Constitution. We elect the President to lead the United States of America. In tomorrow's race, only one man has a vision to unite this country that has fallen to shreds of division. Barack Obama.


I could wax about why Obama is the right choice for this country, but no amount of well-reasoned, factual arguments will influence those who seethe with hate for the man. I could list his policies and legislation, but my support for the President stems more from his philosophical approach to governing. In short, I have a great deal of respect for Obama. He leads this country with an eye on how our collective actions benefit us as a nation. He cares about more than those who can boost his own station in life. Most importantly, he sees a progressive America where equality reigns and prosperity shines for all.

Mitt Romney's vision for this country is decidedly the Divided States of America. He vision has already filed segments of this country into neat little folders...or binders. He views each segment as one who mooches or one who contributes, with no regard to paradigms, social justice, or equality in terms of rights or opportunities. We are filed away as women, the poor, the 47 percent, millionaires, business owners, shareholders. Mitt Romney does not see before him a great united land of passionate, proud citizens. He is a naysayer of government so why would he want to be a leader of government? Hubris. Mitt Romney is simply not good for America and will drive a wedge even further into our tattered fabric. In short, he is dangerous to America in a multitude of ways - women's rights, marriage equality, foreign policy, education, separation of church and state. It's alarming that so many who will vote for him will vote against their own best interests.

Financial matters rise and fall despite who sits in the Oval Office. Social matters are onerous to change or evolve once amendments are added and supreme court justices appointed. The lasting legacy of a presidency hinges on how citizens (ALL citizens) fared in terms of the manifestation of liberty and the pursuit of happiness. A President serves all of his nation, not a selected few.

It's time we focus on a WE instead of ME mentality. Only Barack Obama will lead us as the United States.

Images via Ilina Ewen

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