Army Mom's Emotional Reunion With Daughter Is a Tribute to Military Families Everywhere (VIDEO)

Sgt. Melody WebbI love military homecoming videos. They leave me with a tear-stained face, but my heart that's full to bursting makes up for all the crying. But the latest viral video of mom Melody Webb surprising her 8-year-old daughter at school took a surprising turn.

The US Army Sgt. didn't spend much time talking about her service or even the service of her husband, who is also Army and still deployed. No, Sgt. Webb wanted to remind Americans watching her swing her daughter up in a great big bear hug that for every soldier serving overseas, there's a family back home making their own sacrifice.

Take a look:


On an intellectual level, we all know the families of our troops are affected. But until you see a little girl literally clinging to her mother, until you hear a mom who has come back from Afghanistan and still wants to talk more about how great her family's sacrifice is, I don't think it really hits home.

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Yesterday a friend on Facebook whose husband is deployed asked for prayers and good wishes as a second member of her family -- her brother this time -- is deployed. I watched this video, and I thought of women like her. She's home with two kids, trying to give them as normal a life as possible, trying to be Mom and Dad for them until Daddy can come home.

She's rocking it out. But still, this is her sacrifice for our country. It's a different one from that made by her husband and her brother, but that doesn't make it any less of a sacrifice.

Our troops are American heroes in every sense of the word. But just because our military families don't put on a uniform and climb aboard an airplane to head overseas doesn't make them any less heroic.

What are your thoughts on this homecoming video?


Image via CNN

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