Maya Angelou Doesn't Email Spam for Obama, She Emails Poetry (QUOTES)

maya angelouToday I got an email from one of the most inspirational women I have ever had the privilege of being in a room with -- poet, educator, historian, best-selling author, and civil-rights activist Dr. Maya Angelou. Oh, yes I did. Okay, so she didn't just email me. She emailed Barack Obama's reelection campaign mailing list, but I'm so glad she did! Who in this mad mad world can't use a little Maya magic on a slow-going Wednesday afternoon? 

I know you're dying to know what she had to say, and I'm going to share with you some of the best quotes from Maya's letter. First, however, I must say I have no idea what kind of human beings whine about getting this kind of email, from this kind of woman. And how dare they call it spam. This woman is a poet! She can't be bought. She lives and speaks from her heart. It's true. And spam and Maya Angelou have nothing in common.

Today's poem? Don't hesitate. Don't regret. Vote. Ah, it's already sweet music to my ears.


Best Quotes From Maya Angelou's Letter, dated October 24, 2012:

1. I am not writing to you as a black voter, or a woman voter, or as a voter who is over 70 years old and six feet tall. I am writing to you as a representative of this great country -- as an American.

2. It is your job to vote. It is your responsibility, your right, and your privilege.

3. You may be pretty or plain, heavy or thin, gay or straight, poor or rich. But remember this: In an election, every voice is equally powerful -- don't underestimate your vote. Voting is the great equalizer.

4. As a country, we can scarcely perceive the magnitude of our progress. My grandmother and my uncle experienced circumstances that would break your heart. When they went to vote, they were asked impossible questions like, "How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?" When they couldn't answer, they couldn't vote.

5. So don't sit on the sidelines. Don't hesitate. Don't have any regrets. Vote.

Thank you, Maya! Your email made my day.

Did you get this bit of poetry from Maya Angelou in your inbox today? Did it bother you?

Photo via Rusty Darbonne/Flickr

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