Wife of Whitney Heichel's Accused Murderer Could Use Some Sympathy Right Now

Jonathan HOltI can't help but wonder if the murder of Starbucks barista Whitney Heichel has haunted so many of us because we look at her and see a young woman newly married, ready for life's big adventures. I know that's what I see. It's the same thing I think when I look at photos of Amanda Holt, wife of Jonathan Holt, the neighbor accused of murdering Whitney after asking her for a ride.

Amanda is a young wife too. She too had her whole life ahead of her with her husband, with friends like Whitney. And now that's been taken all away. She is a victim -- not in the same way as Whitney's widower Clint Heichel and his family -- but a victim all the same.


And if you doubt it, just take a look at the statement of support for Amanda released by Whitney's family:

Jonathan's wife is, too, an innocent victim, and our love and support is as strong for her and her family.

She needs that now from the Heichels, from her own family, and from the public. She needs our sympathy, not people hammering her with questions about why she didn't realize she was sharing her bed with an alleged psycho killer.

They say the wife has to know something, don't they? But does she? Really? How many times have people in our lives shocked us? Sometimes for the good, but just as often for the bad.

Even though it is her husband who cops say convinced Whitney to give him a ride before holding a gun to her head, making her drive him somewhere private where he sexually abused her and then killed her, Amanda has done nothing wrong.

But plenty of wrong has been done to her. Her friend is dead, and what's more, her beloved husband is accused of doing the awful deed. She is in an untenable position, stuck between right and wrong, between the life she was living up until this weekend, and the life that her husband's alleged actions have created for her.

What do you think of the Heichels throwing their support behind Amanda Holt right now? 


Image via Clackamas County Jail

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