Get Registered to Vote – Find Out Your State’s Deadline or If You’re Already Registered!

american flagHey there, American! The election is less than two weeks away and you may have some basic questions that need answering, like how to register to vote, how to find out if you're registered to vote, where your polling centers are, and what, exactly, does Romney put in his hair to make it so gosh darn shiny?

While I can't answer your Romney q, I can tackle the other questions. Here's what you need to know, logistically speaking, about voting in our next president on November 6.


Can I still register to vote? Eh, depends. Most of the registering deadlines have passed, but if you live in Alabama, New Hampshire, or Vermont, there's still time. Their registering deadlines are October 26, October 27, and October 31, respectively.

How can I tell if I'm already registered? Here's a handy-dandy tool that'll help you find out if you're registered. Just select your state from the drop down menu, and away you go.

How do I find my polling place? Here's a list that gives you a website and phone number for each state -- the info they provide will help you find out where you need to show up on Tuesday, November 6.

What kind of voter ID do I need? How very topical of you to ask. Here's a list (and national map) that will tell you what is and what isn't acceptable in your state.

Can I wear my Obama button or my Romney hat to the voting booth? Technically, no. No campaigning or electioneering is allowed within 100 yards of a polling center (though the rules vary by state), but don't take the risk -- leave your candidate flare at home.

Hope this helps, see yous at the polls on Tuesday, November 6!

Are you planning on voting?


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