Man Walks Into His Funeral & Scares the Bejeezus Out of His Family (VIDEO)

man alive funeralDepending on what side of the story you're on, and how you feel about "ghosts," it's either a nightmare incarnate or a dream come true. A 41-year-old man shocked his family recently when he walked in on his own funeral. That's correct. He literally interrupted a wake that was being held for him at his mother's house -- where there was a body and everything.

Now. How did this happen, you ask? Why, how all "dead" people walking into their funeral scenarios happen -- a super bizarre mix-up.


It all started when police called Jose Marcos Araujo of Brazil and told him his brother, a car washer, had been shot and was dead. The cops asked Jose to come down to the morgue to identify his body. To which he did, and ... did. Jose saw the body and gave the okay that it was, in fact, his brother, Gilberto. He took the body to his mother's home, where a wake was held a short time later.

But here's where things get weird. See, while his family was mourning his passing, somebody actually ran into Gilberto on the street -- very much alive -- and told him what was going on. Gilberto then marched on over to his mother's house with a white sheet over over him and informed his family that he wasn't dead. According to family friend Maria Menezes, "Some people fainted and others were so scared they ran away. It was a big shock." Fair enough.

Now, finally, how did this happen?

Turns out there actually was another man -- another car washer -- who looked very much like Gilberto who was shot -- Genivaldo Santos Gama. Police inspector Roberto Lima said the confusion was "understandable."

Understandable, sure. But downright terrifying for those who saw Gilberto walk into his own funeral, and tragic for members of Gama's family.

Sounds like this really was just an honest to goodness mistake, but man, what a crappy thing to happen. Not only will Gilberto's more sensitive family members probably be having nightmares for weeks (in addition to, of course, being thrilled that he's still alive), Gama's family wasn't even at his funeral. Bad times all around.

What do you think of this?


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