Republican Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock Says Rape Pregnancy Is A-OK With 'God's Plan'

MourdockAnother day, another Republican rape apologist. This time it's Senate candidate Richard Mourdock of Indiana who considers himself so "pro-life" that pregnancies resulting from rape are "something that God intended to happen." Democrats quickly attacked the remarks from the Tea Party-backed candidate, labeling him a "zealot."

Truly, it's astounding that in this day and age, anyone could say that in any way, shape, or form. And hey, if this is what he says in public, just imagine what he says in private. Actually, scratch that. I am not sure I want to know.

What I do know is that Romney is distancing himself from these comments, but the reality is legislating a woman's body is legislating a woman's body. The details of that and how far a man is willing to take it are really just splitting hairs.


Romney had backed Mourdock and hasn't yet withdrawn his support. Mourdock, for his part, has "apologized," claiming he only meant "God creates life" and that the idea that he believes "God preordained rape" is "sick and twisted."

Okay, dude. But YOU said it. You said it was God's plan. So you know, it's not like we are making stuff up.

Regardless of what he meant, Mourdock made it clear that women's bodies serve only as vessels for the man's seed. It doesn't matter how the clump of cells got there. If it's there, then God meant for that woman to be forced into sexual intercourse against her will and she should now be forced to carry the child of the man who did this for at least nine months.

God sounds like kind of a jerk if that is really His "plan," no?

Many politicians claim to support abortion "only" in the case of rape because this scenario is so repugnant to them. But it's all the same. Forcing a woman to carry a pregnancy against her will is just as bad no matter how the pregnancy got there. Obviously rape is worse and a woman should have the abortion she needs. But ALL women should have the right to make decisions about their OWN bodies.

A man like Mourdock is dangerously blind and stupid. Women aren't children who need to be guided around by the hand in order to make wise decisions. We are grownups just like him and we should not (and cannot) elect backwards people who want to tell us how to handle our own bodies.

It's infuriating, wrong, and sick. A vote for a Republican this year inadvertently supports this.

Do these comments anger you?


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