Donald Trump's Big Obama 'Bombshell' May Be Divorce Papers

donald trumpDonald Trump has HUGE NEWS for the American people about President Obama that he says is "bordering on gigantic." And in an attempt to stage his very own "October surprise," he's still planning on doing a "big reveal" of this supposedly controversial information tomorrow. Since this is the same man who raved out about our POTUS's birth certificate, no one in their right mind is really thinking he's going to drop a legitimate bombshell. Instead, there have been a bevy of guesses along the lines of Trump saying Obama is not an American (yawn) or Trump thinking he'll sway the vote by invoking his famous Apprentice line and telling the president, "You're fired!"

But the most believable guess so far comes from a respected financial pundit named Douglas Kass who says Trump will reveal documents that show First Lady Michelle Obama and President Obama were at one point in their 20 years of marriage seriously considering a divorce. Say it isn't so!!??


Before Kass came out with this news, there was buzz that this may be the "gigantic" news Trump thinks could change the course of the election. Claims about these unfiled divorce papers that Michelle allegedly prepared back in 2000 -- when Barack was still in the Illinois state legislature -- popped up in a book released earlier this year by author Ed Klein. At the time, the White House said the allegations were bunk. (Much like all of Trump's other wacko claims.) So, that's likely the case. After all, it's not like Barack and Michelle haven't been very forthcoming and acknowledged publicly in interviews that they hit a rough patch in their marriage. So if there really were legit, unfiled divorce papers, they probably would have revealed that at some point. (Then again, should they have had to?)

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If the alleged papers are Trump's wild card, is anyone actually going to a.) believe him or b.) find the news shocking, surprising, or see them as a gamechanger? Hell. No!! Even if -- and that's a big, ugly, toupeed IF -- the unfiled divorce papers were real, they'd only serve to prove to the country that the First Couple is even more accessible than before, having been through a dark hour in their marriage MANY American couples have endured or will endure at some point.

Seriously can't wait to see how this ends up playing out tomorrow. Come on, Don, we're waiting with bated breath!

What do you think Don will say tomorrow? Do these divorce papers change how you feel about Obama as a politician -- for better or worse?


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